In recent years technological development in this field has been remarkable, Printberg has kept pace with these developments constantly modernizing their plotter.

The plotters used in Printberg for digital printing are of three types: solvent based, for the realization of labels, banners and printing on PVC; water based for printing on fabrics or sublimated in 3D; and UV printing for the realization of the gadget.

In Printberg, the sublimation department is very important; we have a furnace for the 3D sublimation and a calender for the sublimation of textiles both in continuous and shaped pieces.

What we can do:

  • Graphic studio for the realization of the projects;
  • Printing labels;
  • Printing banners and canvas;
  • Car wrapping;
  • Prints for display
  • Printing of clothing and gadgets.


With digital printing, we bring in an industrial level the principle of home printer’s inkjet: the plotters heads release, according to the profile of the RIP (raster image processor), drops, more or less large, to create the image drawn previously in the computer.


The first hint of digital printing could be traced back to the invention of the Gutenberg printing press, dating back to 1455…

Digital printing as we know it today was born in the late '60s; since then we are having constant evolution, having almost every day new input and solution.


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