Printberg invested in the best technology available on the market, this has allowed guaranteeing customers the highest quality and a wide range of choice. You can create multiple shape, from the classical (round, oval, square ...) to the more complex (such as words or real designs).

The choice of the label resin, compared to simple adhesive, allows a wide range of applications since it makes a customization more appealing while maintaining low costs.


Resin is a process that enriches and refine not only screen-printing or digital printing, but also simple carved and shaped material. We use two-component polyurethane resins that when mixed cause a chemical reaction that make the resin hard and dry.

First we print (text, letter, drawing) a sheet of adhesive material needed, then the special resin machine mixes then component and through needles drops the right amount of resin over the labels, using the surface tension that is created on the edge of the label creates the 3D labels.


The resin, also known as technology DOMES, is a process born in recent decades, but in continuous growth and evolution.


  • Pharmaceutical sector Pharmaceutical sector For pharmaceutical packaging screen printing is primarily used, as it allows a quick series print of flat material. [...]
  • Beauty Beauty In the beauty sector you need a smooth and perfectly defined printing because the packaging image is as important as product. [...]
  • Household sector Household sector As we use the household products during everyday life, we need a long lasting print, even after using and washing it. [...]
  • Baby products sector Baby products sector Security is the key word in the production of these products; we must protected the final customer, the child, and it is for this that we choose inks and materials according to the law. [...]
  • Other sectors Other sectors In many sectors, Printberg performs his work, but our milestones for any production are quality, productivity, order and cleanliness in every facilities area. [...]